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Wen Binance?

On March 26th CZ of Binance asked a simple question on Twitter "What coins you want listed on

@binance?" This tweet has had nearly 112k responses so far, and Fusionites immediatly set out to try and top the list of responses when it came to likes retweeting and general energy. This effort was going pretty well, and went even better after DJ Qian responded with his personal letter as to why FSN should be listed on Binance.

Today engagement in this response began to reach new levels because Chainge Finance added it to their Amplifier.

As a result DJ's response quickly began to pick up new likes and retweets, soon passing over a thousand.

But as this happened, something else was noticed. If you look directly at CZs original tweet, DJ's response looks to have been blocked.

To be clear, it looks as if CZ has deliberately censored DJ in his twitter flow? To me this is a bit shocking, as I don't have the impression that CZ makes a habit of censoring responses to his tweets.

It is also shocking, because it really seems like he is going out of his way to avoid listing FSN on Binance. It is of course entirely up to Binance what they choose to list and not list, but given what happened today I will personally give up hope of ever seeing FSN on Binance.

Maybe Fusionites need to just forget about it, and aim for different goals. It's not the end to everything crypto after all. Even Chainge could one day end up greater.

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