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What's coming for AnySwap?

Many are probably wondering what's next for AnySwap? The truth is Zhao Jun and Andre Cronje have been extremely busy with upgrading and integrating and the end result will be bigger, better, cheaper and faster. True Cross-chain swaps aren't far away, where you could be swapping native ETH for native FSN, or native ETH for native FTM in a single action (these are just examples). This kind of action won't just be available in AnySwap, but also in, and maybe other platforms! In all cases AnySwap will act as the backbone of it all. There will also be a case of shared liquidity between the platforms, so swappers of AnySwap could end up using the massive liquidity in SushiSwap, for example.

To make the cross-chain swaps work well all the anyToken pools will be important. This means that pools containing ANY, aUSDT, aETH, aBTC, aFSN will be the pools that provide the neccessary liquidity for the cross-chain swaps to work well. Effectively it will make these tokens much more important than they are now! In addition to ANY itself, it's been hinted that in the short term liquidity of aBTC on SushiSwap could play a key role in the liquidity of most many cross-chain swap.

Massive things are being built, that will benefit all the networks.

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