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Why Fudion?

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

FUDION is a telegram group that was created by myself. The original purpose was to try and move FUD away from Fusion Official and Fusion Community chats, to a place where it is less visible and less disturbing for those who don't want to see it. The channel turned a little more lively than expected and has about a hundred followers. I don't actively moderate, it. I just let it live its own life and engage in it, if it gives me some joy.

I never aim to FUD myself, as I hope to see as many people as possible engage with Fusion, but I always try to seek to hear every angle and in this channel you usually get more than you asked for. Some people feel the channel is out of control, and for sure there are some less than pretty things said there and therefore I would never recommend everyone to visit it. If you don't like it, defiantly stay out. And for sure DJ gets very unfair treatment there.

But the reason I write about Fudion, is because something very strange happened today within the Fusionite Guerilla. Heavy contributors were suddenly excluded because they were in the Fudion channel, even though many of them were just passive participants.

This is a result of a growing sentiment among people who very actively promote Fusion that the channel somehow interferes with their efforts. I believe this is simply not true. The original purpose of the channel still does its job. It keeps the majority of FUD in a FUD channel instead of spreading it across all kinds of other media and channels where it'd do more harm.

I also fear we'll always see FUD for Fusion. To me it's actually a sign of value. Anything worth anything is worth talking about, whether it's being talked about in a good or bad way. In fact I imagine BTC and ETH are probably the two most FUDed coins of all. So more FUD means higher value. And Fusion is quite unique in having its very own FUD chanel. This isn't a bad thing. It's yet another value proposition and in my opinion a more important one than it might first appear.

If today's "rebellion" was an attempt to get me to close FUDION, I can understand and to a degree relate why it was done. But I won't budge, for the above reasons. Instead I hope this post can help those who don't like that it exists, can understand better why it does.

I would also like to mention that telegram activity wasn't all bad today. DJ Qian held a very inspiring monologue on Options Trading in Chainge, which I'll publish tomorrow in a separate post. He also gave a much needed vision as to what he wants the Fusion community to be like.

"I have been thinking about one question in my mind for a very long period of time. What kind of community I want fusion community to be. In 2018, this community attracted a lot of wise ppl. And we were proud that fusion community is one of the highest average IQ community in crypto world. However, after a lot of things happened, especially the theft, community atmosphere became more and more unfriendly to new members. But I believe that all people here are not here to humiliate me or fusion. You want to see fusion to be great. You want your bags to grow. You want to be rich and you even want to witness a great thing fusion achieves. Fusion is my baby, as always. It’s fine you mocking me, teasing me privately. But I ask all of you to do me a favor to make fusion official channel a useful, hopeful, positive, informative channel. I never give up no matter what you say but I am tired of wasting time fighting with ppl who keeps mocking me, teasing me, or humiliating fusion project. Fusion official group is our project face. Although I respect the freedom of speech, I won’t allow any teasing, mocking, fudding, humiliating any more."

I guess we can sum this up with: "Don't FUD in Fusion Official, but don't kick out the smart guys either."

Hope we can all get behind this.

EDIT: After some ugly criticism, that I don't agree with, but also don't want to deal with, I decided hold an internal poll in Fudion to see if people wanted it gone or not. About 2/3 seemed to want it gone after 50-60 votes, so I went ahead and deleted the group before it had an efficient reformation. I still expect it to pop up again, somehow though. Likely in an uglier form. But it won't be "mine" any more.

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