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Sending AnySwap-integrated FRC20s in regular txs on mobile

It's finally possible to do something that it's been annoyingly impossible for a long time. Simply sending FRC20s in regular txs. Though this has been possible on Metamask, it requires you to add the contracts manually. Now Dopamine has made this possible and already has all the contracts pre-added. The only key feature missing regarding these basics is doing the same thing on ledger as well as being able to send the LP-contracts.

Overall Dopamine is improving more and more, and is growing into becoming a very useful mobile app. It's rumoured that it will eventually deploy its own tokenomics that might even end up reinstating LP-rewards for AnySwap farming in the form of DOPE-rewards. Will be really interesting to see where that leads.

And speaking of tokens, as seen in the picture I successfully sent some FUSE with the app, which inspired me to add FUSE tokenomics to the site. I've also added the planned tokenomics of CHNG even though the contract doesn't exist as of yet.

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